Those who are blown

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Those who are blown

Post by ylq » Tue Aug 13, 2019 8:24 pm

Those who are blown away by the wind 7:57 Read: 1877 Source: Internet article �� Leisure afternoon, enjoy afternoon tea, enjoy the sun, taste the cup of familiar Kuding tea, like to knock over the five flavors Bottles, sour, sweets come together in the heart, don't remember the memories that have been sealed up. Can you open it again a year ago? We walked side by side from AA International Animation to Eleven. You hate walking, but you didn't have that time. A complaint, you said that because I am by your side; I was short hair at the time, I said that I want to keep long hair, you said that I will comb my hair every morning; then I will face the favorite person, you said You will love me forever! A year later, I walked from AA International Animation to Eleven, accompanied me in addition to the shadow and our original memories; my hair is long, the person who combs my hair is myself, looking at myself in the mirror Because the hair is entangled Newport 100S, use a comb to fight hard, what is the result? Tears the scalp Newport Cigarettes Coupons, tears can not be controlled, sitting in the corner, can only cry with their legs. Looking at the photos of the people who left me, my heart was lost. "This person is not in the original vows. The previous vows, the smoke disappeared, turned into a bubble at sea, only me, choked in the wind, crying in the rain. In the thunder and lightning! Let yourself be bruised and bruised, and I will not stop hurting myself. Therefore, I would like to use my beautiful memories for you, in exchange for all the unknown memories of you, remembering those days together, like a dream. In the same way, the beauty is not in line with reality, like Tian Tan. In those days, like the spring breeze blowing over the face, like the waves beat the feet of the ****, like the maple leaves covering the entire road Cigarettes For Sale, like snowflakes, fluttering in the air. This beautiful The days, like the rattan, entangled me, suffocating me, however, more is willing to be in these illusions, even if I pay the price, I will not hesitate. I struggled to come out of the memory, the cup of bitter but It��s already cool. ��After a year ago, can you still be so painful? "Looking down at the cup of bitterness, the water is calm, reflecting the face of the girl who has been unable to make memories. The water ripples on the water. "What happened a year ago, it has already been unforgettable!" Even after ten years, twenty years, or even more years, I remember it is still so painful. "Pick up the pot, but it is hot, and when you lose your hand, the teapot is broken. "It hurts, maybe it will let go." I muttered that I tasted the tea, sour.
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