944 Spec fun at Autobahn CC:

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Eric Kuhns
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944 Spec fun at Autobahn CC:

Post by Eric Kuhns » Sun Oct 26, 2008 12:17 am

A friend of mine came out to Autobahn to take some pictures of 944 Spec action through the day. We had a great time as a group, and the pictures are beyond outstanding. Some pictures of other cars are here as well. I'm still uploading pics, so check back for more.Here's the link to the pictures: http://sterlingdoc.smugmug.com...-1-20Here's a link to Horatio's day job (the photographer): http://www.timestilling.com/Here's a few examples of the fun:Brent getting a surprise rookie "baptism" when taking off of his "R" :lol: Anna found the leftover ice fun:Conan looking happy after everyone pulled together to get his car back on track when his brake caliper fell off :shock: Bryan Cohn (welcome back!) going over the results of our "pursuit race" - which was great fun in itself!My fan club: :mrgreen: Our regional director (Dave Royce) put our photographer in the back of his SUV to take some on-track pictures of our class during lunch touring (mock racing), and got this arranged with one day's notice - no red tape, just helped us get it done. This is one example of many in how NASA goes the extra mile for us.
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Re: 944 Spec fun at Autobahn CC: (Eric Kuhns)

Post by MarioM » Sun Oct 26, 2008 1:42 pm

Nice pictures, it looks like you guys had a good time.*nm on the question. I did some googling. Modified by MarioM at 6:39 PM 10/26/2008

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Re: 944 Spec fun at Autobahn CC: (Eric Kuhns)

Post by KO-R32 » Sun Oct 26, 2008 2:20 pm



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