Richard Petty Driving Expeirience Raffle

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Richard Petty Driving Expeirience Raffle w/ TSSCC

Post by Autox 2 » Tue Jan 27, 2009 3:55 pm

Here's something I received today if anyone is interested, Bob says that it's open to anyone."Time is getting close and the odds are very good? the Richard Petty Driving Experience is a great program for big time fun and a chance to learn and drive a NASCAR race car!TSSCC has a coupon for the driving experience (courtesy of Discount Tire) and the raffle entry in on our web site: . There is still time to get your tickets, but act now!We will print a list of all entrants and have a random drawing at the next TSSCC membership meeting this coming Monday, February 2nd at Pompeii Restaurant in Oakbrook Terrance. Entry is open to everyone? let your friends know, if you are a member of another club or forums board, go ahead and post the link to the entry.Also, at the meeting this Monday we have a lot to discuss? the season is racing up very quickly. We are looking for event chairs, a few specialty chief positions and most importantly? your input as to how we can provide the best Autocross/Solo experience for you this season.When you go to our web page to enter the drawing, also take a look at the on-line rules & by-laws? if you see anything that needs to be discussed, amended or changed, this will be a good time to let us know? your input counts!"Thanks again,Bob Lindsay

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