HowTo: Window net installation

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HowTo: Window net installation

Post by andrewGTI » Sat Aug 07, 2010 7:47 am

DIY: Window Net install

I decided to try out wheel-to-wheel racing in my 08 Golf GTI MkV, and one of the requirements for W2W racing with Midwest Council of Sports Car Clubs, or MCSCC, is a window net. I really struggled with how to install a window net per the rules – I don’t have a rollcage, only a rollbar – because the big “gotcha” is the window net can’t be mounted to the door. So wanted to share my solution, as I wasn’t able to find much info out there, and it passed tech inspection with flying colors. So, if someone else needs the same solution for the GTI MkV (or ideas for any others), hopefully you can leverage from my experience.

As I mentioned, for the window net install to be allowed per my club rules of not installed to the door, and me having only a roll bar and not a cage, it took some creativity.

I started with a window net from Pegasus racing supply, and spring-released window net bars (top and bottom) from IO Port . The kit contains most hardware for mounting to a cage, but as I don’t have a cage I still wound up using most of the parts for the install to my bar.

Step 1: feed the window net bars through the net. The spring loaded one should be on top.

Step 2: with a buddy to help with placement, drill two holes into the rollbar, that match to where you want the top and bottom bars for the window net to be. This takes care of the easy two out of the four mountings.

Step 3: create a bracket to hold the other side of the top net bar, near the front of the car. See the pictures. I wound up removing the handle and cutting part of the headliner out to expose the airbag (because this is my dedicated track car, don’t really care how the interior looks anymore; you can probably bend it back and carve out the headliner around it if you care about appearances). You’ll see some good part of the metal frame where you can use two self-tapping screws to mount the bracket. Now, creating this bracket is probably the toughest part. I had a buddy who knows how to do some metalwork create it for me. (if you want one of these brackets, let me know and he can probably create on for you for a few bucks + shipping). Mount the bracket, making SURE the distance is right and 100% correct with the bar “stops” and spring release.

Step 4: take the straps that came with the IO Port kit, and create a nice tight loop from the bottom of the bar to the existing factory seat belt mount bar at the bottom. Make it nice and tight. Again, see the pictures to see exactly how it turned out.

That’s it. Its easy to mount / unmount when you’re harnessed in, and easy to get out should you roll the GTI. And like I said, it passed tech inspection without any issues, and I actually got a compliment from the tech inspector on the creative install. And if done right, shouldn’t need to take any adjustments in between hopping and out.

Hope that helps any one trying to do window net install. Good luck!

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