How to make your own Golf 3/Corrado VR6 Air Intake for $85

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How to make your own Golf 3/Corrado VR6 Air Intake for $85

Post by dubfanatic » Fri Mar 04, 2005 9:51 am

Ok, now this setup only took about 1 hour to install and the fit and finish are quite acceptable considering the relatively low investment. The CAI sounds great and seems to perform well(its raining here so i cant really get on it) I was, however, able to punch it in 3-5 gears on the highway and as expected, I can already feel the motor pull thru higher Rpm's with more authority.
Now I am pleased with this mod and its cost. Im a guy that likes more for less. This DIY CAI falls under that category. Now if I could have spent another $180 and picked up a T2, I still woulda gone this route. Maybe the T2 woulda netted another 1.062 hp and maybe the pipe looks shinier than mine but until i see a dyno graph with the T2 makin the DIY look silly, this is the recommended route for those of us who would rather spend that $180 elsewhere. :thumbup:
*92-00 Civic Intake pipe from Autozone $40
*K&N CAI Element from $35+shipping
Click on this part number to go to the filter I used:KNN-RU-2430
*nice 3" pipe coupler from a local hardware store $4
*me relocating my charcoal canister to my storage cabinet FREE

This is the K&N next to my cheeseball autozone filter

This is the final version of the finished product

Here is was after 7 months, update on the Civic intake. Some have said that the pipe will rust quickly on the inside while maintaining its shiny appearance on the outside. So I pulled the intake off after all those months and after driving in the salt and snow.
Still looks good to me.

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