Rear Brake Rotors on a MK3

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Rear Brake Rotors on a MK3

Post by brwhite » Sun Apr 16, 2006 7:26 pm

-jack up the car
-take off the rear wheels
-remove ebrake cable
-remove caliper and carrier by removing carrer
-pry off the dust caps with a screwdriver - sometimes channellocks work better by twisting gently or wiggling. try not to dent the cap
-remove the cotter pin with needle nose pliers
-remove the crown nut
-remove the nut
-pull off rotor with bearings
-remove abs crown on back of bearing
-put abs crown on new rotors with new bearings (packed and all)
-clean/regrease spindles
-slide on rotor assembly with bearings
-tighten nut (Read Bently Manual)
-put crown nut back on (certain position)
-put new cotter pin in
-ad a dab of grease to the whole thing
-put dust cap back on
-push piston back in with special brake tool
-attach carrier/caliper
-attach ebrake cable

Here is the pictorial howto:

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