B3 Passat Parts, Smoked HElla DE's, Mirrors, Front Bumper/Gr

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B3 Passat Parts, Smoked HElla DE's, Mirrors, Front Bumper/Gr

Post by joe1972 » Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:34 am

B3 Passat Parts, Smoked HElla DE's, Mirrors, Front Bumper, Front Grill...

Hello everyone! I have some cool stuff left over from a build I was doing years ago... unfortunately I had to give the car away but kept some parts.
Now its time to clean up the garage. All parts are as shown in the pictures... I took the photos on Sunday March 19th. All parts still as new when I ordered them years ago... never mounted never fitted from PG Performance in Canada. http://pgperformance.com

First up is a Smoked set of Hella DE's with clear corners. I bought them with the wiring upgrade package that they offered as an upgrade, both lights have 2 Bosch relays already wired up to them and include the power cable with a fuse to connect directly to the battery. Wire your existing lights wiring into the relays and no additional load is placed on the dash headlight switch.
If you just wire the Hella DE's into the regular headlight circuit all of the power draw goes though the dash switch... that's not good... a lot of power going through the switch and your limiting the output of the lights this way. Both light include the correct H1 and H3 bulbs and the correct factory tilt adjustment rods.

Second up is a Dietrich Concept RS 4 front bumper with the correct Hella fog lights and blinker/side-marker lights installed. Bumper is in GelCoat and includes the original wire mesh inserts that you can install if you wish.

Third is a front grill that goes with the Dietrich bumper. I had this made for me by PG Performance to match the bumper... its de-badged and has the wire mesh insert already installed.
I'm not sure if its originally a B3 or a B4 part but its supposed to be a match for the bumper.

Fourth is a good set of used Left and Right mirrors. Both with power adjustment, and powered heating. All pig tails intact and factory foam still attached.

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ ... 3hKYnRhMVk

I am looking at $1,200 for everything...

I'm located near Naperville Illinois, Route 59 and Interstate 88. I do not want to ship this stuff... I would prefer local pickup... or I can drop it all off someplace within reason to my location.

Please send any questions to my email or text to:



Please state that your asking about the B3 parts when doing so...



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